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Transcendent hi-fi

  • Greg Chapman
  • June 18, 2020

Welcome to the very first blog of VAL HiFi. My name is Greg Chapman and I’m the owner of VAL HiFi, both an outlet to curate and champion the very best boutique, high end, audiophile brands in the industry, and the UK arm for Vitums Audio Labs, the end game speakers you’ve been searching for. Next month’s blog will be all about Vitums.

Joining Vitums Audio Labs on launch day are Orchard Audio from New Jersey, USA. Forward thinking and modern hi-fi components, with exceptional sound quality at an incredible price point. Founder Leo Ayzenshtat has decades of engineering expertise and consulting work for some of the world’s most advanced companies (NASA, Lockheed Martin, L3 Technologies, Siemens).   After designing products for several elite names in the industry, Orchard Audio was launched in 2017 to independently release its own line of advanced audio products. We’re very proud to be Orchard’s first UK/EU distributor.

Next up is Extraudio, a small company located in Amsterdam and Leidschendam, The Netherlands. They are dedicated to the research, design and development of high-end audio products in pure class A and its combination with class D, creating a new category of amplification that they call class AD. Extraudio products are both unique and exclusive, hand made and long lasting, beautiful works of art for audiophiles.

Perhaps like me, network playback has become an important way you listen to music in recent years. We are very excited to have the finest music server available on the market from 432 EVO MUSIC SERVER. These are the first music servers in the world that can play both bit perfect as well as live conversion of digital music into the better sounding 432 Hz (More of that another time…). As well as an entry level model, the Standard, followed by the High-end, the Aeon and the cost no object Master, we also offer upgrades between these USB based models, so clients can work up the range and protect their investment. There is also the Essence, which is an all-in-one unit with built in 24/192 DAC & S/PDIF. There is an audiophile music server from 432 EVO for every budget.

For me, Roon has been a transformative addition to my own set up and all 432 EVO servers are fully Roon compatible as both Core and Renderer. They can also run the latest Logitech Media Server and support the big three streaming platforms, Qobuz, Tidal and Spotify. To top it off, they can also play internet radio. This is the ultimate network solution you have been looking for.

We’re excited to bring DiDiT High-End to our portfolio, the second of our Netherlands based companies. DiDiT has a small but perfectly formed portfolio of DAC, Digital Pre-amp and Class D Power amp. But this is no ordinary class D, hearing is believing.

Moving south into France, we’re very excited to exclusively have the ‘Vouray’ integrated amplifier from the historic Supravox brand. Winner of the Diapason D’or award (French for “Golden Tuning Fork”), this hybrid transistor and valve based integrated amplifier is both a 70w workhorse and a stunning work of art.

My own valve based system experienced night and day improvements when I added a Puritan Audio Laboratories PSM156 to the start of the chain. I’m thrilled to be able to offer that to my customers and the rest of their incredible range of cables and purifiers. Of course, it’s not just valve based systems that feel the benefits of one of these products. Whatever system you’re using, definition takes an enormous stride forward, individual instruments gain air between them with their sound and timbre becoming believable, the sound-stage will move out of your speakers and into the room with gains in three dimensionality with clarity. Your listening will become a far more engaging and pleasurable experience.

Last but by no means least, VAL HiFi is  thrilled to bring Line Magnetic to the UK. From mesmerising vacuum tubes amplifiers to CD players, DACS, Phono Stages and jaw dropping high-efficiency speakers, Line Magnetic products are all point to point wired and wrapped in beautiful grey hammer tone finishes reminiscent of the vintage theatre components they’re inspired by. Line Magnetic will be the beating heart of a stunning hifi system.

So there is a run down of our exciting launch day line up. Please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss, requirements, queries, demos or to place an order. Each brand has been carefully picked to bring joy, to give you, a transcendent hifi experience.

I’d like to finish by saying that although I’m a passionate and slightly obsessive audiophile, I am definitely (as John Darko has coined) a music first audiophile. The systems and products I have and will continue to curate will not just be about analytical critical listening, I want them to put the hair up on the back of your neck, to help you switch off from the million thoughts of the day that are swimming around your head and to help soundtrack your life, both the big and small moments. Let me know if there is anything you need for your system that can help me do that.

Here is a little glimpse at the music that plays on the VAL HiFi. This is what it’s all about for me.

Greg Chapman

Greg Chapman

Owner of VAL HiFi

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