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Transcendent hi-fi

  • Greg Chapman
  • September 2, 2020

Line Magnetic was established in Zhuhai, China, in 2005 by the Zheng brothers, both passionate audiophiles. The Line Magnetic Audio Company is a combination of Foshan Line magnetic audio studio and Zhuhai Line magnetic Audio Co., Ltd. The former is established in Zhuhai by elder brother Zheng Cai and the latter by younger brother Zheng Xi, in Zhuhai City.

In 1995 Mr. Zheng Cai, once the General manager and chief engineer at Cayin and later one of the shareholders, was in disagreement with the board when he suggested developing truly high-end amplifiers. After he left Cayin he worked for various other companies in the roles of engineer, researcher, developer, and co-founder, while gaining more and more understanding of Western high-end audio. For example, he was always interested in traditional Western Electric products and used to spend his spare time repairing and restoring products. This, together with his earlier experiences provided a solid foundation for starting the Line Magnetic Audio company.

Each Line Magnetic product is the result of a project in its own right, a tribute to all the passionate audio engineers who have participated in the hi-fi industry for more than a century.

The Line Magnetic range is made up of amplifiers, sources and speakers, whose lineage with many legendary products is evident. Line Magnetic also offers a whole range of components such as DACs, phono stages and CD Players as well as loudspeakers – which are revered by audiophiles all over the world.

Point to point wired, utilising high-grade parts used throughout, like ALPS volume pots and MIT and Mundorf N-Cap capacitors, and beautifully built in black piano grade finishes as well as grey hammer tone reminiscent of vintage theatre components, Line Magnetic will be the beating heart of a stunning hifi system.VAL HiFi is very proud to be the exclusive UK dealer for Line Magnetic. Only by buying directly from us can your Line Magnetic product benefit from a 2 year warranty and CE certification for the UK/EU market. Buying Line Magnetic outside of the UK is a risk as counterfeits are prevalent and after sales service is non existent. Please see details on the guarantee *here* and after sales care *here* and buy your Line Magnetic products with confidence from VAL HiFi.

Greg Chapman

Greg Chapman

Owner of VAL HiFi

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