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DiDiT – AMP212

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Compact dimensions huge soundstage
Based around our proprietary HyperAmp technoloy this tiny power-house easily drives the big speakers. The output stages and power supply including power capacitors are separated only a few millimetre’s from each other. All 500Watts are  instantaneous available to really rock the music.

Our in house developed technology is a huge step forwards in amplifier technology. This advanced technology is based around an advanced feedback system which is super sensitive. Due to this hyper sensitivity it was very difficult implement our simulations into real life audio design. This process took years to fully optimize but the end result is a very sweet yet crystal clear sound with powerful and ultra controlled lows. Never was the bass line so real, the vibrations can almost be counted but certainly be experienced.

The 500watt ultra fast power supply combined with an abundancy of power capacitors guarantee lifelike performance even under the most complex musical passages every detail can be heard, the sound stage and placement remains steadfast and solid under all circumstances, while never becoming harsh or analytic.

Discover your music collection again and replay the tracks when hearing details which were never before so clearly discernable.

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Type: Class D stereo power amplifier.

Analogue inputs: One pair balanced (via XLR jacks).

Analogue outputs: One pair of speaker taps (via 5-way binding posts)

Power output: 100Watt per channel @ 8 Ohm

Bandwidth: DC – 22.5kHz

Sensitivity: 4V(dBu) to rated power.

Distortion: 0.00025%

Signal to Noise Ratio: 130dB

Dimensions: 212 × 212 × 50mm

Weight: 3kg

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