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The DAC212SEII sits atop the DiDiT’s AMP212 in this photo.

High-End D A Converter with streaming capabilities (Certified Roon Endpoint) and Powerful headphone- pre- amplifier.

Although the chassis is minimalistic in terms of looks, the electronics and control are state of the art.

The DAC212SEII is the next iteration of the DAC212SE but now with added streaming capabilities and double headphone connectors. This new model adds LAN connectivity while only sacrificing one Coaxial input compared to the previous DAC212SE. Further enhancements include Certified Roon Endpoint, DLNA and UPnP streaming possibilities.

Double balanced design

Our exemplary design featuring double balanced signal paths, abundant use of local power regulation coupled with high quality power supply capacitors results in huge and deep soundstaging while maintaining pinpoint placement of each individual instrument or musician.
The PCB was designed using the most advanced technologies which allowed us to separate power supply layers in differential pairs, high and low current traces are paired and separated from each other. This makes it possible to reduce distortion below the 0.001% barrier.

Floating ground

In most audio designs a common ground return path is used to combine multiple circuits or stages. This common ground return path is connected to the chassis and connects the ground to earth. In such situations, it is hard to control current loops and interferences from circuit to circuit and from the outside world in are induced by or in the shared ground lines. This not only increases the distortion it also increased the noise.

In the DAC212, the line amplifier stages float with no reference to ground. To accomplish this, the internal interface from the DAC to the voltage gain stages is truly balanced. This makes the circuits more immune from ground loops and interference; and increases headroom while it decreases noise and distortion.

Equal impedance differential design

To take independence from a common ground even further, the line amplifier stages are configured in an “equal impedance differential” setup. Here the output of a buffer serves as ground point to provide the zero-voltage reference instead of the common stages being driven direct-coupled. The input circuitry literally floats above ground. No ground noise can possibly enter the line amplifier stage anywhere. This insures high common-mode rejection of hum, noise and other distortions. Internally, balanced lines always pair as differential pairs and low-pass filter stages are configured differentially with equal impedance legs for positive and negative.

Anti-vibration design

The lifestyle solid aluminum chassis is carefully milled into separate chambers for analog, digital and power supply. The cover and bottom plate work together as a clamshell holding the 6 layer PCB tightly in between them thereby preventing any vibration to reach the critical electronics. To further reduce outside interference the stainless steel feet incorporate Sorbotane to absorb any surface vibrations.

Powerful low impedance output stage

The output stage of the DAC212SEII is very powerful and capable of delivering 4000mW of pure power. Ranking it among the most powerful headphone amplifiers available. This power combined with the low impedance allows the DAC212SEII to drive almost any headphone or power amplifier directly.

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As with the picture above, the DAC212SEII sits atop the DiDiT’s AMP212 in these photos.



  • PCM (44.1kHz to 384kHz)
  • DSD64 to DSD5 12

Digital Inputs

  • 1x AES/EBU
  • 1x Coaxial
  • 1x Toslink
  • 1x HDMI for l2s (PS audio compatible)
  • 1x RJ45
  • 1x USB (audio)

Analogue Output

  • 1x balanced XLR connectors
  • 2x 6.3mm heaphone jacks (headphone jacks can be switched to double stereo or one balanced input

Includes IR remote control

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