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Line Magnetic – LM-3 Loudspeakers

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Line Magnetic’s flagship horn speaker, the LM-3 follows the design concept of the classic Western Electric Horn system.

The LM-3 system is an extraordinary audio system for listening to music and playback the original sound. It comes in two options, the standard Alnico version and a Field Coil version.

The LM-3 Alnico version combines the following drivers:

Tweeter: LM-302

Mid-Range: 22A Horn with 555 (Alnico Version)
Woofer: BA-18 (Alnico Version)
Crossover: TA-7376

The LM-3 Field Coil version combines the following drivers:
Tweeter: HT-70CU (Horn version)
Mid-Range: 22A Horn and 555 (Field Coil Version)
Woofer: TA-4181 (Field coil Version)
Crossover: TA-7376
Power Supply: PR-22

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  • Frequency range : 23Hz à 20KHz
  • Input sensitivity: 105dB
  • Load impedance for HP to connect: 8Ω
  • Screw terminals compatible with banana plugs
  • Treble driver: LM302
  • Bass driver: BA-18
  • Woofer diameter: 46 cm
  • 3-way passive filter: TA-7376
  • Compression chamber: LM555W Alnico
  • Horn: 22A


  • Dimensions (L x H x P): 900 x 2080 x 690 mm
  • Weight: N.C. Kg

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